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Welcome to Soulful Awakenings - A Place of Many Offerings

Soulful Awakenings began simply, yet purposefully, as an INTENTION created in part by a weekly Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation group. Our community realized early on, as we expanded by leaps and bounds, the need for a GATHERING place whose purpose would be the nourishment of the Soul. A place where one is offered many modalities, likened to " A Spiritual Smorgasbord", to joyfully AWAKEN and remember their oneness with The Universe.

We delightfully offer a safe place, free of judgement, where AUTHENTIC SELF is applauded through the process of alignment. We accomplish this through The Triad of Body, Spirit, and Mind.

We look forward to meeting you, dancing in the light, and witnessing your dreams and desires manifest into fruition.

Love Is You!

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Dear Soulful Community...
Happy 6th Anniversary...
We humbly THANK YOU for creating a space of love, enlightenment, friendship, laughter, alignment and expansion...
We appreciate each and everyone of you, who have walked through our doors...
You have imprinted irreplaceable memories that will live in our hearts forever...
Continue to generate the ripple effect of "Love" and be a witness of your own evolution, as well as the planets...
Love Is YOU...
Big, Big Hugs...
The Soulful Staff...