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Introduction to Yoga

This class is for the brand new, inquisitive Yoga student as well as the Yoga student who would like to refresh their understanding of the foundation postures.  You will be taken through a potpourri of postures that will create a strong foundation, which will lead to an effortless, aligned flow from one beautiful shape to another...always being aligned. - 


Gentle Slow Flow



This gentle beginner class incorporates focused, deep breathing and basic, flowing

yoga poses to calm the mind and relax the body. Blankets, blocks and straps are used during our practice to create a space and comfort, allowing the poses to be accessible to all levels and abilities. Essential oils are used during final relaxation, encouraging deepening peace. Come, let go and relax while practicing yoga in a nurturing, nonjudgmental environment and begin your journey within.

Aligned Slow Flow

This class is an evenly paced slow flow with a focus on alignment.  We’ll begin work on inversions, pranayama and weave in some yoga philosophy.  Not inverting?  No worries there are options for everyone.   We use props during class to cultivate an attitude of exploration.  Some prior yoga experience suggested. 


Gentle Vinyasa

Our gentle classes are ever so empowering, learning experiences in which you will re-discover your body, honor how it works, and express its beautiful capabilities.  All Gentle classes are designed to give you the time and support needed to understand the proper alignment of Yoga asanas (postures) and Pranayama, (breath work). Restorative Yoga poses are included to help you reconnect within.Our Gentle Class is perfect for those new to yoga, those who are rediscovering yoga, and those requiring a relaxing class to Melt Into Bliss...

Aligned Vinyasa Flow


Begin with a full on 60-minute Aligned Flow hitting all the juicy spots with a well-rounded class sprinkled with Yoga Philosophy. Follow this with a deep dish serving of relaxation in a full 5-minute Savasana.  Asana, Philosophy and Savasana - what else does a yogi crave? 

Gentle Aligned 


This class provides students with a balanced and well-designed practice to bring the body, breath and mind into a state of rejuvenation. Students will move through a gradual sequence of asanas (postures) that focus on physical stability and proper alignment. Elements of the class will also concentrate on breath-work and mindfulness to bring students into a place of graceful mind/body awareness. The Gentle Aligned Flow class is open to all levels and great for beginners. 

 Gentle Aligned 

This slower paced class focuses on balance, stretching and strengthening the body. Emphasizing alignment, the use of props and a greater attention to breath practices. We will work on increasing the strength, agility and flexibility in our bodies for more stability in our active lives. Allowing the breath to guide your movements through out this class until the two seem to become one.
Accessible to all levels and great for beginners...

Restorative Yoga with

 The Chakra Crystal Bowls

Please get ready for a delightful journey into the light.  Join this wonderful class as we integrate the sounds of the Chakra Crystal Bowls with heart opening Restorative Yoga.  The meeting of these two modalities aligns us emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Three quarters of the session is practiced on the floor, in restful poses with an array of props, creating union of body and breath.  All levels of Yoga students can enjoy this class, as well as the very first time participant.  You will be supplied with props, blankets, bolster, and mats.  Come Relax, Rejuvenate, and Recharge.