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Soulful Awakenings offers compassionate teaching with attention to healthy alignment.  Classes include asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. Several classes are held daily with additional Monthly Workshops that are presented to deepen your practice, alignment, and awareness.


Our teachers are both experienced and certified.  They continue to study, reaching new levels of understanding, to be able to create empowering classes for you, their student. (Use this link to read about our teachers!)




Come Join Us... 

October's Yoga... Autumn is here and what can we do to stabilize our Vata as the weather cools? Enjoy our Savasanas. Cover yourself with our blankets to stay warm, use an eye pillow to soothe the eyes and ask your teacher to drape a sandbag or two over your thighs or ankles to promote the downward movement of prana deep into the bones of your legs. The extra weight of the sandbags reinforces the idea of staying present. Namaste...


 $60 for our monthly UNLIMITED Yoga including Qigong & Tai Chi!


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