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 Melinda Applegate – Qigong for Healing

Melinda began her journey to Qigong and Tai Chi in 1996 with Dayan Wild Goose Qigong and felt the "chi" strongly along the meridians for the first time and was an instant believer in this ancient Chinese practice of cultivating our essential life force energy and decided to go about mastering this skill.


She has had the pleasure an honor of learning from the following teachers; Lee Holden, Robert Peng, Gilles Marin, Daisy Lee, Barbara Birchard, Jerry Alan Johnson, Susanna Shaw and Paul Pitchford.

It is her life's passion to share this joyful practice and helping others to empower themselves with this skill to connect to mind body and spirit.


Qigong for Healing classes are comprised of gentle opening movements such as Opening the Joints, Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Change Classic), and Do-In to promote structural alignment of the body and begin to allow for the fuller flow and distribution of the body’s Qi. We will then practice various purification and detoxification exercises to rid the body of stagnant Qi, followed by Qigong practice to absorb nourishing Qi from the external environment. Each class will finish with a Medical Qigong Meditation exercise to further promote healing, peace of mind, and spiritual evolution.

Qigong with Melinda

Sunday - Qigong - 10:30-11:45 am  

Offering $12 or Package Member