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Qigong & Tai Chi

 Qigong & Tai Chi - The classical chinese practice of “Meditation in Motion” utilizing focused breathing & natural movement for health, fitness, & longevity. Learn the essential elements and foundational philosophy of the traditional chinese internal energy arts, along with take-home exercises, techniques, and linked postures to circulate energy, cultivate physical vitality, and promote mental tranquility.

Discover a space alignment and peace within...

Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi

The benefits of practicing Qigong and Tai Chi are found in returning to the "natural way" of the body, mind, and spirit - seamlessly incorporating universal energetic concepts into everyday movement, everyday thought, and our everyday experience/engagement of life itself. 
The effects of finding and cultivating this natural state-of-being and naturally abundant internal energy flow are lower stress levels, increased balance, greater overall well-being and improved health, clearer thinking, increased energy and circulation, optimal oxygenation and detoxification, improved appetite and more efficient digestion, improved metabolism, brighter eyes and clearer skin, stabilization of breathing patterns and heart rates, regulated blood pressure and blood sugar levels, optimized hormone levels, and reduced pain/inflammation, all toward experiencing one's fullest potential of personal intuition, creativity, and spirited living/longevity.

Qigong & Tai Chi Class Schedule with Jamie

Thursday - Qigong - 8:30-9:45 am 
Sunday - Beginner - Tai Chi - 10:30-11:45 am 
All ages and abilities welcome... 
Complete attendance not required, attend one session or all... 

Offering $12 or Package Member

Soulful "Warrior" Training
Offering 1 hour sessions: $100 one-on-one ($20 per additional person)

Private and Group/Corporate Sessions in:

  • Qigong (Chi Kung)
  • Taiji (Tai Chi)
  • Internal and External Qongfu (Kung Fu)
  • Breathing and Meditation
  • Self Defense
  • Custom tailored programs of Dynamic Physical Conditioning
  • Fitness & the Unique Mind/Body/Spirit Awareness from Chinese Yoga and the Martial Arts.


Completely variable and customized training is open to all ages, experience, and fitness levels, from a gentle and healing first step to exploring an extreme and uncommon edge of your own advanced physical movement practice.


Jamie Path - Qigong/Tai Chi

Jamie has studied and instructed movement and meditation from the eastern martial arts, health, and healing perspectives for the past 15 years.  Trained in Okinawan Karate, Northern and Southern Shaolin, and both Internal and External methods of Kung Fu, his passion is for distilling the esoteric and expansive traditions into simple, every day methods of perspective, awareness, grace and power.

Beginning classes at Soulful Awakenings focus on the gentle and relaxed external movements, alive internal awareness, and naturally coordinated breathing techniques of Qigong (Chi Kung) "Energy Cultivation" and build toward the learning and completion of a linked 24-posture Taiji (Tai Chi) "Moving Meditation" sequence.  As the main goal of the "soft" or "internal" Chinese energy arts is to restore a completely natural and unforced physical balance and energetic state of being, the practice is suitable for all ages and abilities and revered for restoring and maintaining health, enhancing physical performance and vitality, managing stress, and increasing spirit and longevity from any point.