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Donna Sica - Chakra Crystal Bowls

Nine years ago, Donna Sica, experienced a Kundalini Awakening, through the "Reconnection". She embarked on a journey of working with and understanding her new gift of "Channeling." One year later she was introduced to the "Chakra Crystal Bowls." Intuitively, she knew, that this chance invite was guiding her to the unfolding of her purpose.

She began offering a meditation in her home, once a week, to a community of twenty. "Our Community realized early on, as we expanded by leaps and bounds, the need for a gathering place whose purpose would be the nourishment of the Soul. Seven months later, Soulful Awakenings came into fruition"...

"Each time the bowls sing, I sense the opening of others, the joy of connection, and the magnificent expression of vibration and light."

...Love Is Truly You!





Mary Tobin - Angelic Healer, Reiki Master, MA


I heard a call in my heart to study Usui reiki in 1997.  I became a Reiki master in 1999 and began to study Angelic healing as well.  I continued my path of awakening and working as a healer and teacher over the next several years while raising 4 children and working part time as a speech pathologist.  In 2005 a series of mystical events occurred for me that were life changing, I began to open up more fully to other realms and was guided to become a emissary of light.


In 2006 I was guided to begin my life’s work as a healer and a channel.  My role is simply to step aside and allow the many masters and angelic forms of spirit to speak and work through me, to help people walk on their spiritual path, to “Awaken” to who they are.  “Each to his own” I am often told by the entities.  We are each on our own unique journey towards the wisdom and healing that resides within each of us.  The wounds of the heart, both physical and emotional, are part of our journey to Awakening, to oneness.  As we observe them and allow them to speak to us they can be released to the light and healed, propelling us further on our path, and our heart begins to open to the Love that Lives within us.  This path moves up, ascending, bringing each of us home to live in our hearts, to our original divine form.  It is the Awakening of the heart that leads us there, follow it and it will bring you home.



Ellen Mosko - Yoga Teacher

After graduating from Hofstra University with a degree in psychology, Ellen worked in the fast-paced Wall Street atmosphere for many years.  Becoming a mother of two in her late 20’s, she returned to a yoga practice that began back in college.  When her hands and feet came into downward facing dog, Ellen knew this was the path to follow.

Her teaching style is a mix of mindful alignment, fluid movement, and attention to breath.  With an established understanding of anatomy, Ellen’s classes focus on a specific area of the body encouraging the personal exploration of postures to create internal space.  Ellen’s classes are designed to meet you where you are and bring you deeper into your practice.

“Breath by breath become present to yourself on your mat and through an engaged practice become more present in your life.”

Currently along with public classes, workshops and private clients.  Ellen is offering one on one mentoring sessions to newly certified teachers. Ellen excels at guiding yoga instructors in exploring ways to focus on alignment, sequencing, and verbal cues.  She brings her immense knowledge and inspiring philosophy to all those she works with, helping teachers to find their own unique voice.


Yoga Training: 

Ellen is certified at the RYT-500 level through the Himalayan Institute and began teaching in 2003.  She has trained and taught in various methods including Sivananda, Himalayan and Anusara with a deep focus on alignment accruing over 1000 hours in the Anusara style of yoga.  Ellen has assisted her main teachers Todd Norian and Ann Greene at Kripalu and in their teacher-training program.  She also specializes in restorative, yin, and therapeutic classes. In addition, Ellen is attuned to Reiki Levels 1 & 2, and Thai yoga Level 1.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." 

~ Arthur Ashe




Anthony Dissen, MA, RDN – Qigong for Healing

For the past 15 years, Anthony has been practicing, studying, and teaching Qigong, the energetic foundation upon which all Classical Chinese Medicine is built. Anthony developed this particular approach to Qigong practice after receiving Yiquan training from Cifu Gary Carbone, and Medical Qigong training from Fran Maher and Brian Coffey, in addition to his private studies in the Eastern healing arts.


Focusing specifically in Medical Qigong, Taoist Meditation Exercises, and Formless-Style Qigong, Anthony’s teaching style focuses on helping his students develop a deeper, more authentic connection to their Qi – that subtle force that gives rise to all health and vitality. Once that connection is established, powerful healing and self-development becomes not only possible, but does so at an accelerated rate.





Carolina Dellafiori - Yoga Teacher 

Carolina Dellafiora has been studying the physiology of the human body for over 14 years.  She received a 5-year bachelors' degree in Physical Education in Santiago Chile, has completed a 200 hour Yoga training at the Center for Health and Healing in Toms River, NJ, completed certification for Thai Yoga Massage in Jivaka Body Work at Blue Moon Yoga, Shrewsbury, NJ. She received certification in Anti-Gravity Yoga in the Om Factory in New York and lastly for purposes of health and natural healing has studied medicinal herbs and muscle testing assessment at the Avon Integrative Health Center.

Carolina believes, "As a learner of life's gifts, I never get tired of discovering our Soul Connections with the Universe. I believe when body, mind and spirit work together, we experience the awareness of the light within that forms part of everything around us.”




Barbara Van Belle - Yoga Instructor

Barbara obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from State University of New York at Purchase.  She has been practicing Yoga since the 1990's and was certified to teach with Integral Yoga in 1999.  She continues to attend workshops and seminars with master teachers in the field.

Barbara is proficient in many types of Yoga, specializing in the Sivananda and Integral Hatha Yoga styles. She believes, "Truth is one, paths are many.", as spoken by His Holiness Sri Swami Satchidananda, whom she had the privilege to meet and was mentored by his close followers.

She teaches group, private, open, beginner and chair yoga classes.  She has given workshops to New York City teachers and nursery school teachers as well.  Her students range in age from 6 to 80.  She often volunteers her services and is presently doing so with post treatment cancer patients on their mission to return to a new normal life.

Barbara lives in Spring Lake Heights and has a large following in Marlboro, NJ.  "I have been blessed and honored to do what I love and love what I do.  Consequently, it never feels like work!"





Mary Christensen - Yoga Instructor

Mary began her yoga practice in 2007 after retiring from a 20+ year career as a  Buyer and Product Development Manager for several National Speciality Retail  stores. She credits Yoga with helping her to transition gracefully into this next  phase of her life. Mary completed her 200 hour YogaWorks Teacher Training in  March of 2011 and the 300 hour Yogaworks Advanced Teacher Training in August  2013.   She has also studied with Alan Finger, Jillian Pransky, Biff Mithoefer,  Cyndi Lee and Julie Gudmestad. It has truly been an amazing journey as she  continues to learn more about herself and the study of yoga everyday. Believing  that it is important in our busy everyday lives to slow down, center yourself and  just simply breath. She enjoys teaching classes that create a safe space for her  students allowing them to find sanctuary in their yoga practice. 



Dawn Dayton - Yoga Instructor

Dawn is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance having completed her certification through The Center for Health and Healing in Toms River, New Jersey. Dawn has always had a passion for holistic health and healing and for learning new things. She started practicing yoga as a way to make time for herself to renew, reflect and reconnect. After practicing yoga for almost 5 years and noticing the positive effects it was having on her mind and body, she felt the calling to become a yoga teacher to share her peace and joy with others.

Dawn specializes in gentle beginner yoga and her style is calm, mindful, and relaxed. Her open-minded, nonjudgemental  approach creates a welcoming environment for anyone wanting to begin or continue a yoga practice to connect to one’s self and let go of things which do not serve one’s true self.  She is continuously growing and learning  through various workshops and seminars to share more knowledge with her students.  Dawn’s belief is that ”Everyone of us can benefit from practicing yoga regardless of age, ability or beliefs.”


Journey Dance - Nejie Miranda-Sylvester L.M.T


Nejie has been in the Health and Fitness field since 1982. She is the owner of Discover Therapeutic Massage by Neije. 

Nejie continues her education on the latest healing modalities, as she experiences their positive effects, she then pays it forward to her clients and friends.

Currently, she is combining her knowledge of the body, mind and spirit and has become a certified instructor for Journey Dance ™...

 Nejie’s philosophy is "The body has an innate way of healing itself. Sometimes, all the body needs is a safe, quiet environment to activate the healing process"