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Weekly Ongoing Classes

Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation - (Classics)

with Donna Sica

Offering $10


Come and experience the sounds of the Angelic Chakra Crystal Bowls..... a form of vibrational medicine, which validates that everything in the Universe is in a state of perpetual vibration.


The purpose of our gathering is to create a safe and peaceful place to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.  This gathering includes choosing Angel and Affirmation cards, setting a group intention, allowing the harmonic sounds of the singing bowls to bathe one's soul and the creation of a like-minded Community support system...


Monday Evenings - 7:30 pm

Wednesday Evenings - 7:30 pm

Thursday Mornings - 10:00 am

Friday & Saturday Evenings - 7:00pm (Alternating each weekend)*


*Please check our schedule.


The bowls used for meditation alternate weekly...please check our calendar.


A variety of props are available for your comfort - yoga mats, blankets, pillows and bolsters and comfy seating...


Sacred Alchemy Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation

with Donna Sica

Offering $15


Come join us and experience the sounds of our Alchemy singing bowls and begin to create the deep understanding of your "Oneness with God/Universe"...



Monday Evenings - 7:30 pm

Wednesday Evenings - 7:30 pm

Thursday Mornings - 10:00 am

Friday & Saturday Evenings - 7:00 pm (Alternating each weekend)*


*Please check our schedule.

Yoga Classes



We offer yoga for every level - Intro to yoga, Beginner, Advanced Basics, Gentle, Moderate, Chakra yoga, Hip Openers and Restorative yoga & Chakra Crystal Bowls.


For a full description of our classes and schedule click here.


Prenatal Yoga with Katie Carola - Tuesday's - 9:30 - 10:30 am - Offering $14

Experience the power of pregnancy with Katie Carola! Having a Certified Nurse Midwife as a mother has given Katie a strong desire to assist women in finding strength and empowerment through pregnancy and motherhood. Her prenatal classes are designed to offer pregnant women ways to safely enjoy moving their ever-changing bodies, while incorporating specific breathing techniques for labor and birth. 

Katie fell in love with yoga 18 years ago. Having studied classical ballet from a young age, she has always been inspired by movement. At the age of 13, she became a Reiki practitioner, which sparked her interest in energy and healing; and through yoga, she found the beautiful combination of  movement and healing. 

After completing her BA in Philosophy in 2005, she went to Kripalu Yoga Center in MA to earn her 200-hour yoga instructor certification. She has since returned to Kripalu to work in their marketing department and to assist in their teacher trainings. Continuing her study of health and wellness, Katie received her 600- hour massage therapy training at New Jersey School of Massage. Katie is also a Certifed Prenatal and Perinatal Massage Therapist with offices in both Brielle and Toms River. She currently focuses her work on caring for mothers both pre- and postpartum. To learn more about Katie, visit


with Melinda Applegate

Offering Drop in $12 or included in unlimited yoga $60 monthly

Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am


For a full description of our classes & schedule click here.

Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life Circle

with Donna Sica

Offering $9

Saturday's at Noon

Monday at 3:30 pm

(* For a full class description see our  Special Events or Soulful's Calendar pages)



Our "Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Circle" is about manifesting your dreams into fruition. We meet weekly, building a community of support, journal in hand, discussing and sharing ideas, on Beliefs, Fears, Manifestation, Love, Relationships, Health, and Wealth.  We set intentions, become mindful of our thoughts and words, while peeling unwanted layers of "stuff" that keeps us stuck. We continually learn to create tools to release that which holds us back.