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Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowl Meditation

Come join us and experience the vibrational sounds of our Alchemy Chakra Crystal singing bowls and begin to create the deep understanding of your "Oneness with God/Universe"...




Mt Shasta Serpentine


Connect with the mystical and magical properties of the Mt. Shasta vortex and commune with the earth divas of the plant kingdom by attuning yourself to the frequencies of the Serpentine Bowl. Its green color honors the wisdom keepers of the plant and mineral kingdom, as the Serpentine alchemy gives voice to their sacred knowledge. The spiraling tones of Serpentine bowl uncoil the serpent of Kundalini energy that rises from the base of the spine, climbing upward through the trunk and bursting forth with the fruits of enlightenment. The natural green energy of Serpentine keeps you grounded for a more graceful transformation and this makes it the ultimate Feng Shui bowl, linking you with the natural ebb and flow of all life.




The Emerald bowl alchemy blends heart and grail energies with powerful quartz crystal, radiating through the heart chakra from Divine realms of loving intention and wholeness.  The Emerald Bowl is an exquisite tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing, helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Self purpose. Centeredness, emotional balance, courage and compassionate living from one's Life Core.  This fourth Chakra Bowl is power packed with love, opening one's heart to Universal Grace, which some say is the Holy Grail.  It radiates inner peace, wealth, abundance, and is a strong spiritual "heart medicine", helping the physical heart and emotional body release imbalances, challenges and feeling of unworthiness.




A quartz crystal tool of loving protection with a powerful vibration of mystical ruby, a “stone of nobility”, radiating spiritual wisdom, health, transformation and wealth. The Ruby Bowl sounds a lavish red spectrum that “lights” interior planes of Self. Ruby crystal carries an enduring, perfectly brilliant diamond frequency that we crave in relationships, enhancing soul-love connection, and unifying root and crown chakra energies.


Amethyst and Citrine


This bowl has been gifted with both Amethyst and Citrine properties...


Amethyst is a spiritually enhancing crystalline bridge of pure quartz and amethyst supporting the expansion of the crown chakra, creating a "temple of grace" for meditation. Amethyst is a master energizer and conductor, an important catalyst that expands and focuses intention with a clear connection to Source.  The Amethyst Bowl evokes serenity, intuition and is the perfect companion for balance of heart and mind, often called "the longest journey."


A member of the quartz family, Citrine combines a joyful, cohesive golden yellow energy of pure quartz frequencies that align root and solar plexus chakras. Citrine dissipates and transmutes negative energies while purifying and balancing auric fields. A legendary "merchant's stone," Citrine helps expand and maintain wealth. Citrine also is a catalyst for excellent communication, mental acuity, optimism, balance, initiative, personal power and the creation of new beginnings.


Sedona Red Rock


This powerful alchemy is a connection key to the Sedona Stargate of awareness, as a triad vortex sandstone mixture of Airport Rock, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock, in Sedona, Arizona. These frequencies resonate with the Native American assention harmonic, coming together in service to "Oneness". The strength of the Sedona Red Rock vortex energy offers a transformational doorway to our ancestral connectedness. Merging into the Stargate, one recalls the sacredness of ceremony and the importance of the work we are doing know on this planet. Uniting with Elder Energy and embracing our service mission with praise and gratitude, we more readily accept this state of re-birthing and truly see the fear frequency patterns, as a temporal and temporary illusion. The sacredness in the process of spiritual progress is the calling of Red Rock, as one experiences the Sedona frequency and allows the overtones of it's truth to permeate the great All. A Ho, I AM, We God.


Ocean Gold - Dolphin Essence


The Ocean Gold Bowl combines a Neptunian pearl-like waveform with bubbly, playful dolphin pod energies that encourage loving communication. This bowl can enhance the immune system and activate the thymus gland. The "We Are One" throat chakra knowing promotes shared leadership and teamwork. Yang frequencies of gold and water elementals create love, balance, self-realization and attunement with nature's healing forces. The communicative, happy frequencies of our cetacean friends are the essence of the Ocean Gold Bowl - a remarkable sonic tool for mastering the art of flow.





This synergistic blend of potassium, lithium, and aluminum silicate, generates profound emotional healing, generational balance, stress relief, and relaxing calm. As this stunningly potent alchemy clears depression, one becomes aware of their emotional body, moving it into the heart and clearing emotional energy through the heart.  Lepidolite fosters the process of letting go of judgment and allowing forgiveness. Purification and clarification of the third eye, serenity and calmness, accepting, letting go of fear and anger, group alignment; these are all stimulated by Lepidolite.  This alchemy also assists with calming the crown, centering the flow of balance, and restless sleep problems.




The sacred ashes from Yagna ceremonies across the world have been infused into this powerful bowl.  They contain the offerings of many thousands of mantra’s to a large host of gods and goddesses from Ganesha, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Shiva Vishnu.  The ashes from these sacred fires has a very high frequency signature that carries all the values and blessings of the yagnas.  This energy is transmitted through the sound produced by the bowls, and assists in the absorption of higher truth and wisdom.


Moldavite - Star Bridge


Extraordinarily beautiful Moldavite dark green tektite meteor stones meld with pure quartz crystal for an extraordinary journey. This divine fusion creates healing portals to higher consciousness. Moldavite (from Moldavia) links the stardust knowing of the crown chakra with the wisdom of the heart, activating all chakras at higher inter-dimensional frequencies to assist in reaching life potential...a true crystalline bridge to the stars.


Laughing Budda 


Laughing Buddha Bowl is a life-enhancing sonic journey into childlike wonder where laughter, delicious "sacral cremesicle" colors and smiles come out to play. This bowl is all about relaxation, letting go, Divine creative ideas, prosperity, peace and wisdom. The body loves a belly laugh! We birth more peptides and endorphins through laughter - a life enhancer at its very core- keeping us in the higher frequencies knowing laughter really is the best medicine. The Laughing Buddha Bowl radiates the love, compassion and joviality of Eastern teachings.

Rose Quartz

Love Activation - A heart-to-heart bowl for emotional healing and calming. Known as the "stone of gentle love," natural rose quartz is fused with pure quartz crystal. Rose Quartz encourages inner harmony. Softly opens the heart center, relieves tension, heals etheric fields, assists in relationships and aligns the chakras while energizing our innate love core. 


Androgynous Indium 

Radiating the violet light of ascension (I AM ONE), the Androgynous Indium bowl illumines one's Interior Life, allowing all aspects of Self. Embracing the physical shift to male/female balance, we fully dance the expanded frequencies of Enlightenment that transcend cultural belief systems.


Abalone carries energies of protection and emotional balance.  Abalone healing is especially helpful for those going through emotional turmoil or those having a hard time dealing with a situation in a relationship. Through it’s soothing energy, it provides a layer of protection that perches the spirit up with the confidence necessary to view situations from a new, more understanding perspective.